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Student Appartments at Blumenstrasse

A property on a very prominent site in Munich is supposed to be used for student living. The block in question has been split up by destruction and urban redevelopment after World War Two and has been left unfinished in a difficult triangular shape in between heavily frequented roads ever since. Now the city government has decided to reduce the size of the road in the north to make the property usable. In places very slim and awkwardly shaped, I decided not to build one closed structure, but instead to create a cluster leaving an open communicative space in between that could be used by the students and integrated into the young, buzzing and lively area of the surrounding ‘Glockenbachviertel’. The ground floors support this integration by offering commercial uses and bar or restaurant spaces. Both ends of the existing structures will be finished up with new apartment buildings and the ensemble will be completed by a high-rise on the free corner of the triangle. From my own experiences I know that different students have different needs or preferences for their living spaces. Therefore I decided to offer selection possibilities. The apartment buildings both offer a shared living unit for four to five people on each floor. Generous kitchens, bathrooms and common areas are shared and smaller bedrooms offer privacy for each inhabitant. This creates a family like atmosphere and is perfect for groups of friends or open-minded strangers. The high-rise however offers a more traditional kind of student living. The units provide private rooms and a bathroom for 1 to 3 people, whereas up to 14 students share kitchens and common areas. This creates a very communicational environment and makes it easy to get in contact. Additionally it leaves the opportunity for everyone to use bigger common spaces than if they were used by fewer people.



    /Users/maxholstein/Desktop/studio muc/00_final crit/Blumenstrass


    /Users/maxholstein/Desktop/studio muc/00_final crit/Blumenstrass

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