Trier West

City by the River

The part of Trier situated on the west banks of the Mosel is commonly known as the ‚schäl sick‘, the ‚wrong side‘ of town. Separated from the historical city centre by the river it houses mainly industrial and military uses. Abandoned by their original owners, those uses have partially been reused for cheap and social housing recently. The environment is lacking infrastructure and connections to the city and has a bad reputation. Never the less, most properties being lined up along the river offer beautiful views to the historical town and a direct connection to the waterfront and therefore great potential. People have begun to realise this recently. Some cafes, small commercial uses and the academy of arts have settled near the historical Römerbrücke, the main connection across the river. I aim to continue this development, revive the area and create more quality space to attract an interesting clientele of students, small families and other groups that might appreciate the still lower rents in this part of Trier. New hiking trails, more commercial uses, new bus and train lines and quality housing will help to improve the image of the area. The main part of my design is situated on an old industrial site just next to the art school. It will offer student living and a cafe and restaurant to go along with it. Additionally there will be a great variety of housing to create a diverse and lively area. The urban structure will provide a direct connection to the water and great open views from all units. Hopefully this will be an impulse for the whole environment and create a new pleasant suburb.












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