Tropical Aachen

Palmtrees at Kurpark

The main objective for this project was to create a greenhouse for tropical plants and palm trees at Kurpark in central Aachen. In order to keep the interior as close to the natural habitat as possible I decided to leave it preferably free from any construction and installation. Also I wanted to separate the Visitor level from the exhibition ground to leave it untouched and uncompromised. In order to achieve these goals I created a grid of rhythmical steal frames, providing the bearing structure for the glass skin as well as all necessary installations and a wooden shading system. These wooden panels are programmed automatically in order to follow the sun around the building and therefore create a different appearance any time of the day. The interior of the building consists of two parts: The entrance area with a house-in-house structure, containing facilities and a small cafe have standard interior climate, whereas the greenhouse itself, separated by a double glass wall system houses the moist and hot climate tropical plants are used to. A hardwood floor connects an outside terrace to the entrance area and continues into the greenhouse as a bridge structure. All installations and structures are visible but moved either to the outside or into the wall between entrance and greenhouse so that all inside walls are made of clear glass and mirror the vegetation in order to let nature inside connect to the park outside and create one entity.







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