Dilemma of Density

Living in Zürich

Since shortage of living space in European cities has become more and more evident for years, the search for new dwelling strategies is an urgent subject in architecture. Zurich is a prime example for this problem since its population is constantly growing and its space is strictly limited between natural borders, the alps and Lake Zurich. Especially luxurious apartment space is asked for more than ever. This is what the design is looking for. Two relatively small properties next to each other were combined into one in order to use them more efficiently. Another group of Architects closed the existing block structure with standard dwelling structures while we aimed to use the generous courtyard space behind it for more luxurious high-rise structures in a green environment. This cooperation enabled us to build very densely and combine the ideas of different designers. In order to achieve high standards, we produced generous entrances with private elevators for each flat. Therefore dark corridors and staircases being common in many high-rise buildings can be avoided. Inhabitants are free to move directly from the entrance areas into their private properties.



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