A Pavillion for Oktoberfest

Every fourth year the ‚Landwirtschaftsfest‘, a trade fair for agriculture, is being held in Munich next to the well-known ‚Octoberfest‘. In 2012, ‘Pro Holz’, an organisation of the wood producing and processing industry will be showing an own pavilion to introduce their goals and concerns. My design aims to show the benefits and abilities of wood in its origin, the forest as well as as a building material by the construction of the pavilion itself. Therefore I created a simple structure of vertical columns that are connected by horizontal elements. This produces a three-dimensional cubic structure that could hold all functions like seats, shelves, stairs and light. It could either be left open or be closed with Plexiglas panels. With the light falling through the structure in different intensities depending on the thickness of the structure at each point, it creates a game of shadows similar to the one in a natural forest. The joints consist of a custom made system of metal plates and bolts that can easily be assembled and disassembled in order to rebuild the pavilion somewhere else. The elements ensure the possibility to change the layout of the pavilion and adjust it to new requirements.







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