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Revitalizing Hohenzollernplatz

The eastern part of Aachen has it’s origins in settlements of the steal industry. Towards the end of the 19th century it had become an important and vital part of the city housing mainly working class families in an enjoyable environment. Since steal industry has vanished during the last decades, many inhabitants have left or lost their jobs. The formerly typical, pleasant brick architecture has faded and needs renovation and/or replacement. What followed in the 70ies and 80ies of the last century cannot compete. Nowadays-cheap architecture, pollution and noise compromise the quarter. The lack of green spaces and structural qualities make Aachen Ost nothing but a step on their way into the city for immigrants and groups with low income. Therefore little social contacts but the more potential for conflicts occur. In order to revive the quarter, I introduced an axis between Europaplatz, the main Autobahn hub and entrance point to the city in the north, and Kennedypark, one of the biggest green spaces in the area. In between those two major points I introduced new quality housing, retail facilities and offices. A sight in the middle of the axis is the main part of my design. A whole block is being renovated and added to in order to produce a new public centre to the environment. Different kinds of housing are being offered. Hotel rooms and small apartments for singles or young couples are situated in the southwest. More constant and bigger flats and even houses are being created in the calmer parts of the sight in the northeast. Separated from these more or less private areas with courtyards for the users, sport facilities, a small theatre and a community centre are planned amidst a public urban space where people might interact and spend their free time. The whole area is kept as green and friendly as possible and aims to improve and interact with the environment rather than replacing it. Hopefully Aachen Ost will thereby find a new identity and become an environment as pleasant as it was in the past.








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